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Florian Poulin

Software Engineer specialized in J2EE backend development. Team leader in an Agile startup environment delivering various services around Licensing, Monetization and e-Commerce.

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J2EE Java MySql EclipseLink REST Jersey Jackson EHCache Spring-core Spring-security Spring-webflow Selenium OAuth2.0 Jasper Mondrian OLAP RAML Scrum Jira Git SVN Bootstrap HTML CSS Photoshop
Swiss, currently in Singapore (EP)

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Work experience

Head of Product Engineering
@ Forbes Digital Commerce, Singapore, 2013 — now

Leader of a 15 engineers team distributed across three countries (Switzerland, Singapore and Romania). Architect for an E-Commerce platform (see Digital Commerce) delivering catalog management and payments capabilities.

Software Architect
@ Lotaris SA, Switzerland, 2011 — 2013

Responsible for the design and implementation of an in-app monetization service for mobile app developers (see In-App Commerce). Scrum master and Agile evangelist in a team of 10 engineers based in Switzerland and Romania.

Senior Developer
@ Lotaris SA, Switzerland, 2009 — 2011

Member of the core development team of a B2B service for Mobile app monetization (see LiME). Key technical contributor from a blank page to a Level 1 PCI-compliant service used by major ISVs (including Fortune 500).

Research Assistant
@ IICT / HEIG-VD, Switzerland, 2007 — 2009

Research assistant with a focus on Data-Mining and Information Retrieval (see LSVAM). Teaching assistant in various courses including Data-Mining, Information Retrieval and Computational Complexity Theory.


B.Sc. Software Engineering
@ HEIG-VD, Switzerland, 2003 — 2007

Thesis: "Gametes: Genetic Engine Towards Evolutionary Software". Ranking A (top 10% of the promoted students).

Diploma in Mediamatics
@ CPNV, Switzerland, 2000 — 2003

Multimedia studies, with combined professional maturity. CPNV Best Student Award 2003.

Projects & Contributions

Digital Commerce
Head of Product Engineering @ Forbes Digital Commerce, Singapore

E-Commerce service to sell digital goods and manage their lifecycle.

About the project

Digital Commerce is a service allowing application developers to sell any type of goods and manage their lifecycle in a flexible, scalable and secure way. Besides providing a catalog management system and checkout capabilities, it offers the possibility to manage the inventory of (consumable) goods on a per consumer basis. Being exposed as a RESTful API, it can be used by any connected application.

After 7 months of development Digital Commerce is eventually feature-complete and validated with a real-life use case demonstrator but is currently not being operated in production. For more details you can refer to the documentation.

Some contributions
  • Early stage specifications and design of the service
  • API Design, following RESTful good practices
  • Definition of the product roadmap and day-by-day follow-up with the delivery team, with a technical Product Owner cap (that is, doing backlog grooming, daily progress follow-up and code reviews)
  • Design of a robust and flexible authentication model for the API (using OAuth 2.0)
  • Extraction of reusable components from the final product, now re-used in different projects and solutions in the company
  • Documentation (definition of the process, design of a tool to support the process and redaction of both internal and public content)

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Lotaris in-appCommerce
Software Architect @ Lotaris SA, Switzerland

Self-service portal for cross-platform licensing.

About the project

Lotaris in-appCommerce is a self-service portal helping developers to monetize their (Mobile) applications. It is essentially a B2C adaptation of LiME. It was initially developed as an alternative licensing / payment platform for the Windows 8 ecosystem and later evolved to a more general store-independant licensing service (also for Android).

The service consists of a number of client SDKs (for Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Desktop) and a collection of Web tools allowing app developers to register, configure a licensing model for their app (with perpetual, time-limited and subscription licenses), access the integration guides and track their sales. The client SDKs expose an API to control access to premium features and trigger payment processes based on the licensing model configured on the Web tool.

For more information, you can check out the marketing documentation, have a look at the interactive demo or dig into the integration guides.

Some contributions
  • Early-stage specification and design of the product (how to transform an existing B2B service to a B2C service, what is needed)
  • Detailed planning and follow-up of the delivery throughout the project following a very aggressive schedule, as the Scrum Master
  • Various contributions to the backend development including integration to payment gateways, item purchase, user account management, multi-device handling, automated UI testing, ...
  • Maintenance and support of the platform in production
  • Hiring, coaching and team-building of a growing development crew, with developers in Switzerland and Romania

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Licensed Mobile Environment (LiME)
Senior Developer @ Lotaris SA, Switzerland

B2B service to license Mobile Applications.

About the project

LiME is a service providing flexible licensing and in-app payment capabilities for Mobile applications. It was built and operated as a managed service to help major Software companies monetize their Mobile applications through various distribution channels (retail, OEM, mobile operators, app-stores), using various payment methods (credit card, premium SMS, mobile operator billing, retail scratch cards) and following various licensing models (fremium, perpetual licenses, fixed-length licenses, subscriptions).

The service, built for Android and iOS, uses a server-driven native UI payment experience. It means that from the consumer point of view, the UI is platform specific (using the platform native UI controls, not a Web view) but the screens are driven from the backend, which allows to dynamically change the payment process based on server configurations.

At the time of writing this (11/14), companies like Symantec and Capcom are still relying on LiME to monetize some of their Mobile applications.

Some contributions
  • Automation of the build and deployment process (on the development environments), using Maven and Jenkins
  • Design and implementation of an internal State Machine framework to facilitate the modelisation of various business models (eventually used essentially for subscriptions and their automatic renewal)
  • Various contributions on partner integrations (including payment gateways and Mobile operators)
  • Design and implementation of a generic mock system, allowing LiME to be tested in isolation from integrated partners (required for automated tests and performance test campaigns)
  • Definition and execution of performance tests campaigns (setting-up the test environment, writing the load injection scripts using JMeter, execution and documentation of the test campaigns and follow-up optimizations at applicative and database levels)
  • Suggestion, specification, planning and implementation of a major platform refactoring from a three servers / three databases architecture (with lots of inter-server REST communications) to a one server / one database architecture. This implied the merge of the business logic in the backends and complex SQL migration scripts to merge the three MySQL databases (with millions of records in each database). The resulting architecture allowed for reduced operational costs, largely improved performance, more stability and faster development

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Large Scale Video Annotation Mining (LSVAM)
Research Assistant @ IICT / HEIG-VD, Switzerland

Data-Mining techniques applied to content-based video retrieval systems.


In order to achieve true content-based information retrieval on video we should analyse and index video with high-level semantic concepts in addition to using user-generated tags and structured metadata like title, date, etc. However the range of such high-level semantic concepts, detected either manually or automatically, is usually limited compared to the richness of information content in video and the potential vocabulary of available concepts for indexing. Even though there is work to improve the performance of individual concept classifiers, we should strive to make the best use of whatever partial sets of semantic concept occurrences are available to us. We describe in this paper our method for using association rule mining to automatically enrich the representation of video content through a set of semantic concepts based on concept co-occurrence patterns. We describe our experiments on the TRECVid 2005 video corpus annotated with the 449 concepts of the LSCOM ontology. The evaluation of our results shows the usefulness of our approach.


N. Fatemi, F. Poulin, L. Raileanu, A. Smeaton, “Using association rule mining to enrich semantic concepts for video retrieval”, International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval: KDIR’09, Funchal, Madeira, October 2009.

Some contributions
  • Active participation in the research process (participation to conferences, digestion of a number of state-of-the-art research papers in the field, elaboration and validation of ideas around semantic concept enrichments)
  • Numerous ETL algorithms on the large metadata corpus of TRECVid 2005 (using plain Java and crosstab SQL queries to build a database optimized for analysis)
  • Efficient implementation of various well-known Data-Mining algorithms such as Apriori, FP-Growth to explore Frequent Pattern Trees and gen-Rules to create decision rules
  • Adaptation and optimization of those algorithms to match the project requirements (considered one of the major contribution to the research paper)
  • Production of all sorts of output graphs (using R and Java) using a cross-validation process to validate and fine-tune the models
  • Co-writing of the published paper

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